Ultrasound Bone Densitometer
Model CM-200 light




Highly Accurate Measurement, Easy and Short Time Operation, Portable Compact Design CM-200 light measures human bone density by using ultrasound technology. With non-invasive nature of ultrasound and easy-to-use interface operation, CM-200 light is most suitable for screening test for osteoporosis.





Simple step for measurement and procedure display of accuracy management enables easy-to-use interface for everyone.

Short Time Operation

Easy-to-operate, and approx. 10 seconds for the measurement.

Portable Compact Design
  • CM-200 light is easy to carry and can be used in any area.
  • Most suitable for group or mobile screening for osteoporosis.
Utility Software

Utility software for CM-200 light data management is available as a standard accessory.

High Accuracy
  • Adjustment of Measurement Site : To measure the center of the heel bone and enable precise measurements, the footplate has 5 adjustable levels.
  • emperature Sensor (option) : The measurement result tends to vary depending on temperature. CM-200 light provides highly accurate measurement by
Data Management by Utility Software
  • Dedicated utility software for data management is available with the CM-200 light. Connecting the CM-200 light to a PC with the utility software installed not only enables data management, but also enables accuracy control and registration
Bluetooth Connectivity (option)
  • Wireless connectivity with the device and PC is available with Bluetooth®. You will be free from a complicated wiring, and broadens the possibilities of installation





Measurement Site

Calcaneus (Heel bone)

Measurement Method

Ultrasound pulse penetration

Measuring Parameter

Speed of sound (SOS)

Measurement Time

Approx. 10 seconds

Measurement Precision

%CV 0.5 % or better (in test cases measurement)

Ultrasound frequency

Center frequency 500 kHz

Measurement Type

Dry type (acoustic gel)

Operating Condition

Temperature: 10 to 35 °C Humidity: 35 to 85 %RH (non condensing)