Total Body Dexa Bone Densitometer




OsteoPro Grand, the total body bone densitometry can deliver fast scan and high resoution image with a low dose rate. Fan beam technology reduces distortion due to magnificiantion for accurate determination of bone mineral conent, size, and geometry. Also, its high sensitivity detector allows reduced scan times as well as better image resolution.Moreover, the fan-beam configuration minimizes the geometrical distortion,ever on whole body scans




  • Wide scan area
  • Fan beam tehnology
  • Fast scan time
  • Body composition analysis
  • Wide scan area from head to toe
  • Fan beam technology
  • Analysis:BMD,T-score,Z-score.BMI,Body composition
  • Scan site : AP spine,Femur,Forearm ,Lateral spine,Peripheral bones, Orthopedic hip,Total body
  • Fast exam time and low-dose X-ray{Scan time:1-7min)
  • Excellent measurement responcibility(1.3%CV)
  • High resolution image by fan beam technology
  • DICOM connectivity to other DICOM devices





Measurement Site

Calcaneus (Heel bone)

Measurement Method

Ultrasound pulse penetration

Measuring Parameter

Speed of sound (SOS)

Measurement Time

Approx. 10 seconds

Measurement Precision

%CV 0.5 % or better (in test cases measurement)

Ultrasound frequency

Center frequency 500 kHz

Measurement Type

Dry type (acoustic gel)

Operating Condition

Temperature: 10 to 35 °C Humidity: 35 to 85 %RH (non condensing)